LatCrit XVI (2011)

Global Justice: Theories, Histories, Futures

LatCrit/SALT Junior Faculty Development Workshop – October 6-7, 2011  
LatCrit XVI Annual Conference – October 7-9, 2011

In 1996, the first LatCrit Annual Conference was held in San Diego.

After fifteen years, the LatCrit community will again come together in San Diego for LatCrit XVI. We invite you to be part of this historic occasion.

Welcome to LatCrit XVI! Returning to its roots, LatCrit revisits the site of its first annual conference, LatCrit Theory: Naming and Launching A New Discourse of Critical Legal Scholarship, in San Diego, California. Just a few miles away from the Mexican border, San Diego provides the perfect setting for exploring issues of justice and equality from a global perspective. This historic locale also lends itself to deep reflection on the last fifteen years and visionary perspectives of the next fifteen through the lens of this year’s theme, Global Justice: Theories, Histories, Futures.

The global financial meltdown, the lingering Great Recession, the nuclear reactor meltdown in Japan, and popular uprisings in the Arab World underscore the reality that the fate of societies and communities across the globe are unavoidably interlinked. Systems of inequality and struggles for justice increasingly have a global dimension. The Sixteenth Annual LatCrit Conference aims to interrogate the global links between operations of power and strategies of resistance. In particular, we will examine questions of race, class, gender, sexuality, migration, violence, economy, education, and imperialism from a global justice perspective.  Thanks to an overwhelming response to our Call for Papers/Panels, LatCrit XVI promises to be a dynamic and engaging conference. Joining illustrious plenary speakers and honorees will be an extensive and diverse roster of notable speakers on panels, roundtables and in work‐in‐progress colloquia. We look forward to seeing you there!